Mobile Apps for Android & iOS

We offer complete mobile application development services on any type of device. We cover any requirement, from conceptualization and business analysis to the design of interfaces and the development of user interaction experience, from the effective development of the code to testing, maintenance and technical support.​

You need a native AndroidiOS app?

Mobile UI & UX design

We develop prototypes, mockups and mobile application interfaces. We specialize in a wide range of approaches, from the simplest and cleanest interfaces to the use of extremely sophisticated controls and menus. Regardless of the approach chosen, we ensure that the delivered product meets the most demanding expectations and that it uses the most modern practices in creating unique interaction experiences with end users.

Mobile App Development and Testing

We are constantly up to date with the most modern methodologies in the development of mobile applications. Starting from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping and until development, testing, maintenance and technical support, we ensure total transparency in each phase of project development. We can add functionalities in current applications or we can assist you in integrating current applications with third party solutions.

Mobile App Maintenance

All the mobile applications developed by us benefit from maintenance and technical support after launching into production. We make sure that each project is permanently updated with the latest technologies and that it works at the optimum parameters. We also offer technical assistance, back-up and technical support in optimizing the performance on new versions of Android or iOS launched by the manufacturers.

How we build collaboration?

After signing the contract and paying an advance agreed together, the client-company relationship will be managed by a project manager who will transparently manage all the stages of the project.

Analysis and identification of necessary resources

The second step is to allocate resources in the design area. Being a software development project of a mobile application with largely unique functionalities, we need to put on paper every detail of the project to be developed. At the end of the design part of the mobile application (including the web part if applicable) to be developed, we will have sketches, logical schemes, complete descriptions which will allow us to focus only on the implementation, respectively project delivery, in the next stages. in qualitative conditions.

Time to market

We understand the urgency and the rush of the clients. Because we know what the business impact of these applications is. We ensure the best quality in an extremely low time, according to the agreed project plan.

Mobile Application Development. NATIVE development for Android and iOS

Based on the project, already establishing the necessary resources and having the final objectives but also the intermediate steps for achieving them, the effective development of the application.

Testing and putting it into production

Testing and publishing the applications, following the maintenance part and further developments if necessary.


We hope you didn’t think we were going to let you down after the launch, did you? Launching on the App Store and Google Play is important. But even more important are the results. We will be with you to gather data from the field and iterate until the business objectives are met.

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We use the newest technologies

Our customers have trusted us that we will deliver a product they can rely on. We have fulfilled all our promises and have delivered the best solution for their business.

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